Humanity Welfare Council (HWC)

HUMANITY WELFARE COUNCIL (HWC) is a Non-Profitable Organisation. A National level Organization in India with the mandate of protecting and promoting the interests of socially & economically excluded people, women and children. Since its inception HWC have played a pioneering role in transforming traditional ideas of charity and introducing the concept of philanthropy to make a real difference to communities. Through grant-making, direct implementation and co-partnership strategies, support and drive innovation in the areas of natural resources management; education; healthcare and nutrition; rural livelihoods; enhancing civil society and governance; media, arts, crafts and culture; and diversified employment.

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HWC Programs

Help Change India Programme

"As the citizen of India, the development of our Country should be our first priority" To achieve this goal, Humanity Welfare Council has started a new program called #HelpchangeIndia...

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The GROOVEINDIA PROGRAM is a broad philosophy, ideology, and social movement of the Humanity Welfare Council which concerns about the environmental protection and improvement of the health of environment...

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LITINDIA PROGRAMME is an initiative of Humanity Welfare Council to curb illiteracy from the Nation. This programme involves a continuum of learning and enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge...

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The motto of our health care policy is that "No individual should fail to secure adequate medical care because of inability to pay for it ". The health services should provide fully developed institutional facilities necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment...

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Official Projects

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